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Power up to 10 MVA -33 kV. Distribution up to 5 MVA 33 kV, Furnace up to 5 MVA 33 kV, Rectifier up to 10 KA DC 33 kV, Reactor up to 2 MVA 33 kV , Earthing up to 2 MVA 33 kV, Converter Duty up to 5 MVA 33 kV, Dry (VPI) up to 2 MVA 11 kV. with OLTC also.


Station & Multi-winding to suit specific needs & L.T. Transformers for generating Stations.
Upto 10 MVA ,3 Phase , Upto 33Kv , ONAN/ONAF/OFAF /OFWF Cooling For Power transformers, the short circuit withstand capability is of prime importance. This is achieved by us through the adoption of a unique clamping arrangement of the windings and accurately determined pre-stress. It is characterized by inner and outer low voltage winding sections and a high voltage winding section disposed there between. The low voltage windings are comprised of a plurality of pancake coils, and the high voltage winding are comprised of a plurality of conductor strands spirally wound for a plurality of coil layers. The low and high voltage winding sections are laterally spaced with the low voltage windings disposed in side-by-side positions and adjacent to the high voltage windings.


Industrial, Substation & Distribution Transformer up to 10 MVA, up to 33kV, ONAN
A poly phase transformer design is presented in which transformer output pores are accurately constructed in both voltage magnitude and relative phase angle. The design incorporates both main and auxiliary transformers that are used in unison to produce the accurately constructed phases. The main transformer permits rough phase adjustment to be made with the auxiliary transformer permitting phase fine tuning. Such a design is particularly suitable in transformer approaches that require output phases that are of a number not evenly divisible by three.e cleaned and each device undergoes appropriate testing.


Arc,Submerged Arc, Ladle , Induction , upto 10 MVA upto 33 kV. ONAN/OFWF Cooling.
A high current furnace transformer is provided having the low-voltage windings arranged in a closed delta configuration within the transformer enclosure. Bus bar terminals are mounted exterior to the enclosure for providing electrical connection with the low-voltage windings


Six or Twelve Pulse with IPT (Double bridge construction), Up to 10 KA DC, Up to 33kV, ONAN/OFWF cooling.
A rectifier transformer circuit permitting six-phase double-wye operation with conduction, (without the use of an inter phase transformer), and providing any predetermined degree of phase shift. The transformer comprises a zigzag wye primary winding and a six-phase star secondary winding. By choosing the proper ratio for the turns of the zig and zag portions of the primary winding, any degree of phase shift can be obtained. The rectifier transformer is ideally suited for multiple-phase installations wherein several rectifier transformers are used, each providing a different amount of phase shift, without the use of separate phase-shift transformers.


Air cored series & Shunt Reactor, Upto 10 MVA , Upto 33Kv, ONAN / AN
A variable transformer, reactor having a core combining at least two complete core elements with a common yoke; primary winding divided into two independently fed sets of phase coils wound in opposite direction, arranged on symmetrical legs of core elements and separated by the common yoke; secondary winding with each phase coil divided into two wound in opposite direction portions carried by symmetrical core legs, adjacent to the primary coils and separated by common yoke. The secondary short-circuited reactor winding is reduced to at least one close loop member with loop portions separated by the common yoke. The single, poly phase apparatus has at least one primary coil per set that includes a controllable device in circuit relation therewith to enable control of one primary coil relative to the other, either in current magnitude or in current phase shift. The controllable device being either a silicon control rectifier or transistor


Earthing up to 2 MVA 33 kV - Earthing transformers are used to create a neutral point in a three-phase system, which provides possibility for neutral earthing. The earthing can be through an arc-suppression reactor, a neutral earthing reactor or resistor or directly. Earthing transformers are usually oil immersed and may be installed outdoor. In cases where a separate reactor is connected between the transformer neutral and earth, the reactor and the transformer can be incorporated in the same tank.

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