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Converter duty transformer is also called as solar application transformer. These transformers are usually used in solar power applications, where the power from inverter is stepped up and put to the power grid.

Most of the solar operated power plants include a converter duty transformer in their voltage/power transfer cycle. The solar panels consists of photovoltaic cells which absorbs the photons emitted by incident sun rays thereby generating flow of electrons. The current generated is usually direct current (DC). This direct current is then provided as an input to an invertor which converts the DC to an alternating current (AC). However the voltage generated is in few kilo volts (kV) which cannot be transferred to the power grid for further distribution and usage. The power grid mostly taps voltages in the range of 11kV, 22 kV, 33 kV. This is where the converter duty transformer plays a major role, since it steps up the voltage to the required level.

Many solar power generation companies in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Telangana and Rajasthan are installing converter duty transformers for power transmission. The figure below will help us to understand the function of convertor duty tranformer in a solar power generation plant.

Converter Duty Transformer
Converter Duty Transformer

Our manufacturing range: Upto 20 MVA
Voltage range: Upto 33 kV
Cooling method: Oil Natural Air Natural (ONAN)

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