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URJA is managed by a group of technocrats having vast and varied experience in
Transformer design, development, production, quality control and servicing ...
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Manufacturers and Exporters of Transformers...

Our Product Range
Power Transformers, Distribution Transformers, Furnace Transformers, Rectifier Transformers, Special Transformers, Transformers

  • Distribution Transformers
    Distribution Transformers
    transformer that provides the final voltage transformation in the electric power distribution system, stepping down the voltage used in the distribution lines to the level used by the customer. [...]

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  • Power Transformers
    Power Transformers
    characterized by inner and outer low voltage winding sections and a high voltage winding section disposed there between. The low voltage windings are comprised of a plurality of pancake coils [...]

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  • Furnace Transformers
    Furnace Transformers
    provided by having the low-voltage windings arranged in a closed delta configuration within the transformer enclosure. Bus bar terminals are mounted exterior to the enclosure for providing electrical connection with the low-voltage windings. [...]

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  • Earthing Transformers
    Earthing Transformers
    Neutral Earthing transformers are normally provided in 3-phase system, which is without neutral and earth fault protection.Neutral earthing transformer has zig-zag (interstar) winding to achieve the required zero phase impedance. [...]

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  • Hermetically Sealed Transformer
    Hermetically Sealed Transformer
    transformer design which has no conservator. Here the dielectric insulating fluid in the transformer tank is completely sealed and is in zero contact to the atmosphere. [...]

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  • Compact Substation
    Compact Substation
    Designed, manufactured, fully assembled, wired and operationally tested in our workshops, therefore site works are minimal. The CSS are compact and consist of power factor correction equipment, [...]

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  • Reactor Transformer
    Reactor Transformer
    A variable transformer, reactor having a core combining at least two complete core elements with a common yoke; primary winding divided into two independently fed sets of phase [...]

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  • Converter Duty Transformer
    Converter Duty Transformer
    Converter duty transformer is also called as solar application transformer. These transformers are usually used in solar power applications, where the power from inverter is stepped up and put to the power grid. [...]

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About URJA

  • transformer design, development, production
  • Our Profile
  • URJA is managed by a group of technocrats having vast and varied experience in transformer design, development, production, quality control and servicing...
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  • transformers commissioning
  • Infrastructure
  • A new state-of-the-art facility to mass-produce transformers has been commissioned in the year 1996. URJA delivers innovative technologies, solutions....
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  • transformers serviving
  • Our Services
  • (a) Quality management and customer satisfaction (b) Service call management (c) Inventory management (d) Management information system, integrated ...
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We Export

  • Transformers exporters
  • Export
  • Having achieved a good position in most of the product categories it is involved in, URJA increasingly looks to International business to power its growth volumes. Over the years....
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Our Clients

URJA has rendered its services to Central and State Governments, MNCs, Public and Private Sectors, Medium and Small Units, State Electricity companies, Defense, Mining and Power Industries. Prestigious companies with whom we are registered as approved suppliers are mentioned below

  • mrvc
  • mrvc
  • mrvc
  • mrvc
  • cesc
  • reliance
  • bhel
  • ongc
  • pgcil
  • indian oil
  • defence
  • military engineering
  • abb
  • raymond
  • aditya birla group
  • bharat bijlee
  • tbea
  • cidco